Tourism and web

Tourism is the most growing sector on the web!

The new tourists are increasingly connected in a virtual world and the choice of a trip begins almost always on the web.

Tourists share opinions on communities, blogs, forums and social networks, buy online, tell their travel experiences, influencing the perception of tourist destinations. Their constant presence on the web help others becoming more informed, updated and competent.
On the supply side, the dynamics of traditional distribution have changed due to online travel agencies and tourism portals. Tour operators and destinations are having to stand out in a highly competitive arena, where it is difficult to create interest and to be found.

The evolution of the media is forcing companies to adapt their communication strategies to these highly engaging channels.

Sportnet provides tailor made communication solutions for Tour Operators, Public Institutions and tourist destinations.

Managing an online image means to create a community of partners, opinion leaders, and travelers which help promote the destination or brand trough a multi channeled activity plan.

Being specific by tapping in defined tourist niches will attract more tourist of specific community and help understand the dynamics which make them choose a destination or another.